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Licence Number AB21: Wendy and Nick Collister 

Oxted Pet Sitter

Oxted Walkies

Our family of adopted pets

All our current pets have been adopted later in life. We love them all to bits!


Name: Bella

Breed: Beagle

We looked after Bella in our day care for 4 years. When the opportunity arose, we were pleased to offer her a permanent home with us in March 2018. She loves meeting and greeting all her friends every day. She is a beautiful, sweet natured, gentle girl, and loves her cuddles.  

In Memoriam 

Name: Harriet

Breed: Rough Collie

We adopted Harriet in May 2019, aged 7, after spotting her on the Small Steps Pet Rescue Facebook Page. She was the perfect sister for Bella, equally sweet and gentle. She absolutely loved her new life with us, and we loved giving her the life she deserved. We were devastated when she was diagnosed with gastric cancer, and we lost her in December 2020. We miss her terribly. She was a beautiful girl, inside and out. 


We said goodbye to our lovely Penny in July 2019. We adopted her from Last Chance Animal Rescue in 2009, aged 8. She was the most adorable old lady, so loving and loyal, and such a special friend. Heartbreaking to let her go. 


Our very special little old man Tiddles passed away in April 2018. He was an amazing character and a huge part of our lives, the sweetest boy in the world. We adopted him aged 10 from Last Chance Animal Rescue in 2009. We said goodbye to him aged 18, after 9 very happy years with us. Always in our hearts. 


Very sadly, and rather suddenly, we lost our dear old boy, Toby, in August 2017, as a result of a brain tumour. He was 12. We rescued him in 2013, so he had a wonderful four last years with us. He was a big personality, and was a big part of our doggy day care. He had many doggy friends and enjoyed his lovely walks with them all. He is sorely missed. RIP our Toby xx


Jazz was Nick's best friend for 13 years. He had him from a puppy, and Nick's girls grew up with him. Jazz was another real character, and holds a special place in our hearts. He used to love going camping with Nick and his girls. We lost Jazz in 2011. 


Sade was the sweetest girl, adopted from Last Chance Animal Rescue. She loved her new home and rewarded us with so much affection. She used to greet school children in the street, let the children push her around in a doll's pram, and go for walks with Jazz. Sade passed away before her time in 2010. She was a very special girl.