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Licence Number AB21: Wendy and Nick Collister 

Oxted Pet Sitter

Oxted Walkies

Services and Prices

Dog walking:

£12 per dog for around 50 minutes

Day boarding:

£25 - up to 10 hours (e.g. 8am to 6pm)

£18 - up to 5 hours

Additional hours £4

£40 for 2 dogs from same family - up to 10 hours

£25 for 2 dogs from same family - up to 5 hours

Collection and drop-off £4

Evening boarding:

£20 - up to 5 hours

Lift home £5

Home boarding:

£30 for each period of 24 hours.

£4 per dog for each additional hour or day boarding prices charged for partial days thereafter.

£45 for 2 dogs from same family

Collection and drop-off £4

Bank holiday Mondays

Good Friday and Easter Sunday

24th, 25th, 26th, 31st Dec and 1st Jan are charged at 1.5 times the standard rate.


Mileage beyond 5 miles: 80p/mile

Essential vaccinations for boarders

Valid certificates must be held for Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Pavo Virus.

It is also advisable for your dog to be protected against Kennel Cough. Dogs are required to have been treated for fleas, and wormed, including for lung worm (for which there is currently a prevalence).

Dog walking

Group dog walks for non-boarders are for around 50 minutes walking time. For this reason, the walks are suitable for dogs over 1 year old (following Kennel Club advice of walk length of 5 minutes per month of life.) This service includes collection and drop off. The ratio of dogs to walkers is never more than four to one to ensure that we have proper control on a walk. Walks are on or off lead, depending on your dog's recall ability and whether you give your express permission to walk off lead. We gradually build up to off lead walking, once we are confident that your dog has bonded with us and will respond to recall. Walks are by Wendy or Nick, sometimes both, and generally take place in the farm fields of Hurst Green, Limpsfield Golf Course or Staffhurst Woods. 

In advance of any first time dog walking, we will arrange a visit to see you and your dog at a time that is convenient for you (e.g. an evening after work). There is no charge for this visit. Ideally, there will be a trial walk, for which there is also no charge. We will run through your requirements, collect your key if appropriate, and ask you to run through some details and paperwork, such as providing contact and vet details, and authorisation to undertake the service for you. We will flex the service to your requirements, focus on giving your dog a happy walking experience, and update you on progress by text or WhatsApp. 

Day, evening and home boarding

We are licensed by Tandridge Council to look after dogs as part of a day crèche and overnight boarding in a home environment. Do get in touch, as even if we have no availability, we can usually help by recommending other boarders. We offer an evening service for dogs whose owners want an evening out, without the worry of leaving their dog alone.  

During day care or home boarding, dogs will receive affection and attention as if in their own home, and plenty of exercise in the lovely dog walking areas and fields of Hurst Green. Full day care and overnight boarders have at least two long walks each day for about an hour each time. 

Day and evening care and home boarding are more suitable for dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs, so it is important that we are absolutely comfortable that all the dogs will get on. We now only accept dogs over 1 year old, as this helps keep things harmonious between the dogs in the home environment.  

In advance of first time day care, evening care or home boarding, we will arrange an introductory visit to our home to ensure that you and your dog are comfortable with our home, and the walking and care arrangements. There is no charge for this time. We also need to be confident that your dog would get on with our own dogs, and other dogs in our care at any time.